Paw Price

The current Paw price is $0.000006169 (PAW/USD) and Ӿ0.000005665 (PAW/XNO). In the last 24 hours, Paw is up 0.00% and 23646033 Paw / 129 Nano were traded on Nanswap. Paw price is updated after each transaction.

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About Paw

What is Paw?

Paw is a cryptocurrency based on Nano.
Paw is distributed since december 2021 via their Proof-Of-Growth (PoG) reward model. Everyone participating in network growth, for example by inviting someone or by running a node, is rewarded in Paw.
Paw team claims distribution should last to 2025 with 80% of supply, while team and exepenses funds account for 20% of the supply that is fully unlocked. Given that distribution started recently, these 20% reprensent a big part of current circulating supply.

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How to buy Paw?

Buy Paw with Nano

Easy way to buy Paw is to use Nano. Using Nano to buy Paw allow fast and zero transaction fees. Go to Swap/XNO/PAW, enter your Paw address, click swap and send Nano to buy Paw.

Buy Paw with other cryptocurrencies

If you do not have Nano, you can easily buy Paw with more than 200 cryptocurrencies using Nanswap convert

Get free Paw

Discover Paw with the free Nanswap Paw faucet