DogeNano Node

Get access to a DogeNano node in seconds.
Support DogeNano node RPCs & WebSocket connection.
Include a powerful GPU DogeNano work server.


  • DogeNano RPC: https://nodes.nanswap.com/XDG
  • DogeNano Websocket: wss://nodes.nanswap.com/ws/?ticker=XDG&api=YOUR_API_KEY
  • Work server:https://nodes.nanswap.com/XDG

Code examples to send DogeNano

In order to interact with the DogeNano RPC, you can use any language capable of sending HTTP requests.
Simply put your nodes API KEY in a "nodes-api-key" http header.

To interact with Wallet RPCs, a signature of the request with your Secret Key Api is required.

For a simple wallet integration, we recommended using simple-nano-wallet-js
For a more robust & scalable solution, we recommend using an external database to store your accounts keys or else to use Nanswap Hosted Wallet.

Other node available:
Feel free to join our Discord server if you have any questions.