Banano Node

Get access to a Banano node in seconds.
Support Banano node RPCs & WebSocket connection.
Include a powerful GPU Banano work server.


  • Banano RPC:
  • Banano Websocket: wss://
  • Work server:

Code examples to send Banano

In order to interact with the Banano RPC, you can use any language capable of sending HTTP requests.
Simply put your nodes API KEY in a "nodes-api-key" http header.

To interact with Wallet RPCs, a signature of the request with your Secret Key Api is required.

For a simple wallet integration, we recommended using simple-nano-wallet-js
For a more robust & scalable solution, we recommend using an external database to store your accounts keys or else to use Nanswap Hosted Wallet.

Other node available:
Feel free to join our Discord server if you have any questions.